Sunday, August 31, 2008

some things that are gone

I decluttered my facebook inbox deleted 230 emails . I just didnt look just deleted them all to start again fresh. I have never looked back on those emails so they should be gone. I have been working on my personal emails. I deleted 210 of those. I deleted some newsletters I havent read 10 or so of those. I loved them at one point but have moved on and dont anymore.
Although this was a tough week for me with my eye thing I still wanted to continue so each day I found at least one thing to declutter. I didnt declutter any major areas just misc. clutter.


HDMac said...

Alright!! As we have found out in this challenges, somedays are lighter days and that is ok! :) Hubby took off for a ride on the Harley today so I did more in the kitchen. Tomorrow will be light as I hope we are going to my son's out of town for a BBQ.

Glad to hear the eye is healing. Are you already for school?

Anonymous said...

I wondered why I kept so many emails in my inbox. I am down to 145 (from 600). I really do need to do something with these last ones.

WTG on your own decluttering especially since you had a health issue.