Sunday, August 10, 2008

off to camp and some more decluttering

I was getting Angel all packed up for camp which she will be gone till Tuesday evening. I have a surprise I am working on for her and shhhhh... she has no idea. The surprise is I will have her whole closet cleaned out . I will show you the before in todays post and then once I am done will show you the after. I already have bought some things for organizing but will have to go out and buy some more. Can you tell I already have a plan for the way I want it. I sure hope it turns out as good as the idea in my head.
I posted a pic of the fridge today love love the baskets. All I need to buy or find is a labeler to label the baskets so everyone knows where stuff goes .

I thought today would be real busy and I would only be able to find time to declutter one thing but something else happened when we were getting Angel ready for camp and I wanted to do her hair I thought of the free samples of awesome goody elastics I received at a womans show I attended in April. I went to get the little luggage suitcase and took them out but realized what a mess that was and decided to declutter the suitcase. I threw out a lot of papers . I put the samples away that I wanted to keep and started a bag to give to a friend who works at a womans shelter. After I go through the cupboards under my sink in the bathroom I will have a ton of stuff to give her . Now look at the pic above the suitcase is empty ready for the next show in November. Well that is all for today .
Tomorrow the closet is going down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures :) I've tried putting baskets in my fridge but the rest of the family don't put things back into them!

BTW, there's an award waiting for you @ Housewife Hiccups :)

Amanda said...

your fridge looks great. makes me want to clean out mine!

good luck on the closet. remember to take some breaks here and there or you might get frusrated at completing the whole thing. i bet it'll look great once its done!

oh ya, you're a smart lady to do it while yuor DD is away. :)

HDMac said...

Diane, everything looks great! That fridge is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so excited to see what you do with the closet! :) And for daughter's reaction!!! WAHOO!! ! ! ! !