Thursday, August 7, 2008

thankful and more decluttering

Today I want to start my blog by saying how grateful I am for Marcia for starting the decluttering challenge. I am also very grateful to all the wonderful women that joined in
and motivate me every day to keep decluttering and organizing!!!!!!
I have learned so much and apply more and more everyday to my life and it enlightens
my life to learn more but to feel the ahhhhhhhhh feeling. I am sure if you have been doing
the same thing as me you know what I mean by that kind of feeling.
I did my dishes so cleaned the kitchen up too! I purged 2 plastic cups that were getting
yucky. Then moved on to the bathroom and took pics and cleaned. I purged that old
angel toothbrush holder and replaced it with my clear toothbrush cup holder, love it!
I purged magazines that were in the bathroom on top of the toilet and moved some
papers around. I cleaned out the green basket as you have already noticed garbaged
some things and moved others to other places.
Overall a good productive day!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh btw MarciaHD I hoped you like the pics of before and after of my bathroom.
I have been working on keeping it clean daily putting things away.
I also posted my cosmetic drawer I did about a month ago when I found these
awesome containers are the dollar store.


Gifts That Say Wow said...

Diane, great job!!! Your makeup drawer looks wonderful.I always hated my huge makeup drawer until I decluttered. Isn't this is such a feeling of accomplishment..I will keep checking back...we have to keep each other

Amanda said...

it looks great! i know exactly the feeling you're talking about. i walk into my bathroom now every morning amazed how clean it looks and easy the solution was. hope your bathroom stays clean for you too.

HDMac said...

I DO love your pics, Diane! :) And I SO echo your thanks to Marcia for starting this challenge. And like Patty said, we do keep each other accountable. And that is a big thing! We have the momentum, we have the tools and we have the goal. Three important ingredients to keep it going. I had to laugh at my hubby the other afternoon... the night before, he had gone to bed before me and put his wallet, his keys and a couple other things from his pockets on my clean decluttered master bath counter!!! When I went to bed, making sure things are decluttered as I go, I saw them! I put them on his dresser. He told me he put them in the bath so he wouldn't wake me in the morning and thought having them on the dresser in the room when he got them ready to go would wake me! We concluded .. a designated spot on the dresser. And when I see his keys on the dryer... I just kindly put them on the key hanger right next to the washer... lol.. he really isn't too bad... Decluttering and creating a place for everything...

Great job Diane and I love that basket! Your drawer organizers are good too.. .. It looks like they "hook" onto each other. I like that. I really and truly can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!!

Marcia Francois said...

Oh wow - that make-up drawer looks WONDERFUL!

I think I'll declutter mine sometime in the next week.

It's true what you say about that aaahhh feeling - I tell my clients it's the peace that being organised brings. Lovely!

Well done, Diane - we'll do the draw on Monday so if anyone's reading, it's not too late to join in - 7 items is all you need!