Monday, August 11, 2008

teach an old dog new tricks- update on closet

Well it is weird either I am getting it and starting to understand how to declutter
or something. It didnt take me much time at all to fix up Angel's closet. Really
last night it took maybe 15 minutes to empty it all. Then it looked overwhelming
and I wasnt sure where I would start !! I thought I have taken on too much on my own and was a bit worried. Then I just thought no problem just pick
up something start small and keep going. Oh first hubbie and I went and bought
the white shelf to add put that in and I went shopping for the pink baskets to
organize things into.
It maybe took me an hour to declutter her whole closet after that. I thought it
would take me hours and hours.
The one thing I remembered learning about decluttering and organizing was to
leave room to grow. Happy to report it sunk in and two of the pink baskets are
empty and see the top of the shelf is empty too. I think the stuff on the top shelf
though except the planetarium and dvd box are going into storage. I think I am
going to move her luggage downstairs to be stored like ours. I was thinking why
does she have hers in her room when we dont. Have no idea how that happened??!
Then we can think if he want to add more storage stuff for her to the bottom of her closet
or maybe move some toys from the livingroom up to her bedroom. Hmmm... the later sounds
like a good idea to me.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures. This is what I decluttered .
Now I can relax for the rest of today and tomorrow will declutter the last kitchen
Then I will have two rooms totally decluttered kitchen and daughter's room.


Audra Krell said...

I'm 38 and just starting to get organized, must be an epidemic with our generation! The closet looks great and I'm so glad it was easier than you thought.

Marcia Francois said...

Diane, you are doing so great.

I love your thought process as you were organising that closet and the after pictures are just gorgeous (I think I have those same pink baskets in my study - I use them to keep some notebooks).

Often what happens is WE make things more complicated (in our minds first) than they have to be - I'm glad you got it done.

What did your daughter think?