Tuesday, August 5, 2008

todays chore

Okay so I haven't posted in a bit because it was a long weekend for us here in Canada. We went to a bbq on Sunday and then Monday hung out with the family.
Well today decided enough I have to get things done. So my daughter and I went in to her bedroom and we cleaned and decluttered. It looks great now.
For my challenge of decluttering we were able to get rid of clothing that is too small, and some knick knacks and a garbage bag of junk that we don't need and no one else would want either.
We still have her closet but I figure that will be another day.
After lunch I am venturing into the spare bedroom to bag clothing that is too small and get rid of it to make a path to the closet. Then once I can get in there I can move a dress up box out of my daughter's closet to there and all the winter coats and paraphernalia.

Well that will be enough accomplished for me for today. I have dishes I need to get to but they will have to wait till tomorrow.

Oh about that tip for moms who have younger children it was to use ziploc bags and bag whole outfits and place them in the drawer so they can just grab a bag and have everything in there. That way you would never have to worry about them matching. It even says you can do this and include socks, underwear and hair accessories. Wow now that is organized.

The other was to do the same but hang them on a hanger with a bag attached with everything in it too.

My daughter is too old for these tips but I loved them and wanted to share.

Well off to have lunch .

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