Wednesday, August 6, 2008

todays finds and more decluttering

Well today I thought what should I declutter for Marcia's decluttering
challenge and then I looked
at my bedside table to find it piled high( as you will see in the picture
with magazines. I have read them too which is bad so I thought what
a great idea purge all of them . So they are all gone now off my night
Today I went out and purchased two baskets for my fridge one for the
snacks like I seen off of a post from Marcia at
and one for vegetables . I need to buy one for for fruits we store for lunches.
I also was very excited I found the green bags that cost an arm and a leg off
the infomercial. I saw them for 4.97 and snatched them up real fast!I am trying
them out on my strawberries right now. I will let you know how they work.
Has anyone used these before if so leave a comment and let me know how the
worked for you .
Also not sure from whose blog sorry they had put there toothbrushes
and toothpaste in a little bucket in the bathroom. After I read that I knew
another thing I would purge right to the trash can is the toothbrush holder.
So today when I was at dollerama I noticed on the counter across from me
this lady had a glass container that was perfect. I asked my cashier if the
lady across the way was buying it because she was packing up and moving
away from the cash register. She said she thought yes she was. I said " Could
you ask I really want it". She gave me a weird look but asked and she wasnt,
see never hurts to ask, so I told her to move it to my pile that I wanted to buy it.
Now I placed the toothbrushes and toothpaste in it and it looks perfect
in the bathroom. I would have showed you but the bathroom is not perfect
will be tomorrow though.
Well off to rest now .

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HDMac said...

Diane, GOOD job! I am really enjoying following everyone's progress. I am going to get to my fridge and pantry soon, too! I was talking to my hubby about it tonight and shared with him my ideas several of which came from that video on my blog. I can't do it this weekend as I have 3 grandchildren and I want to spend LOTS of grammy time with them but it is on my list! BUT! .... I wanted to see the BEFORE pics! lol... just kiddn' you.