Thursday, August 14, 2008


So some days just dont work out the way you thought they would.
I watched my daughter swim in the pool and I read a book on organizing
and decluttering .
Then I started on the bathroom cupboard. I have 1/2 a bag of stuff right
now ready to donate but have to go through the rest. I threw out a lot of
older samples I thought I would use but didnt. Then a friend called and
well never got back to it. I missed my daughter when she went camping so
we are making up for the time and spending a lot of it together.
It is a work in progress nothing to really show of it . Tomorrow it will be
finished though!!!!!!!!! I plan on taking it all out so it all has to be gone through
to be put back .
That is the goal for tomorrow . I also have to go to the library to get
tickets for a zoo show for next week and return a library book I read
called Harmonic Wealth.
Well that is all for today .
Can hardly wait to see the posts tomorrow from everyone.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Dont worry about getting it all done in one day. It'll still be there the next. Spend some special time with your DD.

What book were you reading?