Monday, August 18, 2008

relaxing day

With summer winding down I spent the day at a waterpark with my daughter .
I forgot the camera or you would have had some pic to look at.
I was really tired when I got home and came really close( being honest) to
not doing any decluttering today but I knew on my list there were a few
smaller things I wanted to accomplish. So after a little nap I went through
old catalogues and got rid of them off to recycling. I only kept one I want to
order from.
I am still working on email inbox. Wow I signed up for a lot of newsletters that
are not that great and really just cluttering up my inbox. Slowly I have been going
through them and the ones I really see over and over again still bolded that I havent
read I decided to unsubscribe. I havent missed them because I havent read them.
I want the email that ends up in my inbox to be useful and meaningful.
I deleted a whole bunch of emails that I had read and then just left there dont know
why though. Again bye bye bye. I bet it will take at least a week to declutter my inbox.
I started the simplicity course today from Beth that I was so lucky to win !
I made a separate folder for the
simplicity course so I can keep them organized and in one place easy to find.
Tomorrow is the under the bathroom sink and making homemade banana loaf.

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