Friday, August 1, 2008

decluttering and more information

When I was reading this part of the book it resonated with me a lot with doing the decluttering challenge with Marcia.
The great Aristotle said all human behaviour is motivated by at least one of these seven elements: chance, nature,compulsion, habit , reason, passion and desire. Seven reasons why we hang onto stuff.
Chance- It might come in handy one someday.
Nature- I'll be able to wear it again when I lose weight.
Compulsion- I lived through the Depression.
Habit- I 'm just a saver.
Reason- Its too good to get rid of.
As soon as I through it out , I'll wish I had it.
I'll fix it someday.
Passion- I received it as a gift.
Desire- I wouldnt get rid of that if my life depended on it.

Now you can catch yourself and think twice, thus changing automatic behaviour into deliberate behaviour.

I just found this to many reason why I keep clutter.

So for the decluttering challenge today I got rid of two big bags of clothing that is too small for me or my daughter. We still have a lot more to go through and get rid of but at least it is a start in the right direction.
If you are Canadian have a great long weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


HDMac said...

I will be back and visit your blog! I have enjoyed it so far!! I am doing Marcia's declutter challenge! :)

Another Marcia!

Anonymous said...

I love the connection you made to Aristotle! It is interesting to think about the many reasons we hold on to stuff.

I find passion to be a very common reaction for people, fueled mostly by guilt. Whether it's guilt because someone gave them the item, guilt because they spent money, or guilt because the item has memories associated with. In the end you're just disposing of a "thing." The generosity of the gift can never be thrown away, the usefulness it had at one point is still valid, and the memories can stay with you forever.

Interesting post! Good luck with Marcia's challenge!!