Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Hello this week is soooo busy one of my best friend's is on holidays and she
has become my social secretary. No really I am having so much fun!!!!!!!!
Thanks you know who you are.
Okay so yesterday I took pics for Tina of my coffee table which I will post
later tonight.
Yesterday although very busy still wanted to keep decluttering so I was
putting away my pots and pans after washing them and found an old
loaf pan I never use good-bye and then found 2 old phonebooks they
are now in the recyling . Again pics added later.
Today another busy day but managed to get rid of the summer activities
guide and the summer library schedule and replace them with the fall
Also Angel and I set up a little schedule so she wouldnt be overwhelmed
with decluttering. She would go through one drawer a day . Really there
are only 4 drawers she has to go through. Happy to report one drawer
down and a few things that were too small out of the drawer.
Well off to visit another friend tonight although I just came home from
visiting a good friend this afternoon who taught Angel all about clay.
I will post pics when I come home tonight.
Keep decluttering!!!!!!!!!!

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Amanda said...

awesome job on continuing to declutter.