Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today was a great day we had what is called Kidspark in our local park where
there are activities for children to do and it is all free. So todays decluttering
takes place at the park every single business /event is handing out pamphlets
so what I did before I even left the park while we were waiting inline for an
activity was went through all that I had been given and recycled many.
The only ones I keep are vendors that I will be contacting for my womans
show and one for fund raising at school. It felt good not to be bringing home
tons of paper that would be thrown somewhere and then gone through later.
I will go through them again tonight send out invites to the ladies show and then
recycle all that paper too.
Last night I went on youtube and checked out some organizing videos between
reading organizing articles, the videos and the books I have been reading I have
learned a few things.
1) if everything has a home then when things get messy it is fast to just put things
back in their homes( really surface cleaning)
2) if it takes less than 5 minutes just do it
3) dont keep anything you dont love !!!!!!! That way you can find room for the things you love by
getting rid of the things just taking up space.
Once again a huge huge thank you goes out to Marcia for starting this challenge.
My home is starting to feel like a home and not just a house with stuff.

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Amanda said...

what you learned so far is so true! totally agree. i've learned the same. awesome job about the pamphlets. great idea!