Saturday, August 2, 2008

making mornings easier(from the book)

Mornings for me and I am sure others can be very challenging and frustrating. I know it is for me because I truly am not a morning person . So when I was reading this part of the book I thought wow some good ideas for me to remember and share with my blog friends.
These are things you can do to make your mornings run smoother.
1. speak to each family member the night before to see what preparations need to be done for the next day. Check schedules for everyone the night before.
2. Anticipate- use your calendar to preplan so everyone can work ahead of themselves
3. Lay out clothing- all members of your family do this the night before. *** this is one I really need to work on instead of having the frustration the next morning of finding nothing to wear.
4. Pick up the house-set a timer and have everyone pick up and put away 20 things before bed.
5. Know what you are having for dinner the night before- ***** another one for me to work on menu planning comes in handy.
6. Once again check your calendar
7. Provide stimulation- for yourself and discover others' needs so morning will be more enjoyable.
8. Finally establish a routine ***** another one for me to work on

I have finished that book and on to the next one. Stay tuned to see if I learn anything from the next one.( see pic above of the book I reading now)

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Amanda said...

I am not a morning person either. I am trying to work out a morning routine too..

just came across a blog post and thought you might be intered in it.. it says to plan a week's worth of outfits ahead of time. itd be great for you since your DD is older and probably only goes through one outfit per day.