Thursday, August 7, 2008

decluttering challenge

Okay a little more than 7 items but there was more I just couldnt repost them all.
Thanks once again to everyone in the challenge who keeps me motivated.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You've been busy! :) I've been pottering around doing things here and there, but after reading your posts, I feel inspired again :)

Amanda said...

wtg! keep up the awesome work!!

HDMac said...

You HAVE been one declutter lady!!! GREAT Job, Diane!!!

Tabitha said...

Woooooow. You go, girl!!! Can I just tell ya...I'm slowly accepting that the house's never DONE. Just when one area gets all orderly and organized, another area of the house has gone to pot. And it's OK!!! We just can't get stuck in our perfectionism!! One step at a time!! It's a process. And you're well on your way!! Keep plugging along!! :)
P.S. I haven't read your whole blog yet, do know about the Fly Lady, right???

Marcia Francois said...

Well done, Diane - it's looking good.

You're doing great - do you have a plan for next week?

Marcia from Organising Queen