Saturday, August 9, 2008

yesterday and today

Okay 8, 8, 08 was not a lucky day for me. I felt so sick for most of the day
so I decluttered an old broken electric can opener, penguin cookie jar and
some grill you put on your stove?? See I dont even know what it was really
or where it came from.
Today I have decluttered 2 more garbage bags of clothing that should have
went a long time ago. I found a small bag too so it went too I didnt even look
in it.
Today feeling so much better!!!!!!
I am in a purging kind of mood if I have enough time I might do the one
kitchen cupboard but we will see. I have a few errands to run to get Angel
all ready to go to camp tomorrow and we need get her all packed up too.
I am getting good at this purging thing. I really like the idea that my daughter
is too she is fast I tell her the rule touch it and decide keep( love it ), doesnt
fit (give away) yucky will never wear it ( either donate or garbage).
Okay so off to run errands and then I will post my decluttering pics for you
all to enjoy.

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HDMac said...

Diane, hope you are feeling better!! and wonderful that you kept up the decluttering even though you weren't feeling good! :)