Wednesday, August 27, 2008

almost back to normal

I pleasantly woke up this morning and my eye is getting smaller and smaller each day. I now know it will be healed by Tuesday which I am back to work.
I feel like I have been slacking off all week with getting things done around the house. With this strong meds I am on they just really made me really really tired. I think now though I am getting used to them and they are working !!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter kept cleaning little areas though. Today she is working on our backpack station. Which I will post a pic when all done.
Okay so today I used it as a catch up day I started with dishes and now they are all done !!!!!!! I guess if momma doesnt do them nobody does in this house. Wiped down the kitchen cupboards and stove while I was at it.
Then went through an old box and found some more old catalogues to get rid of . I also decided a bit hard to do but I still did to get rid of some thank you cards from the kids last year.
Then I moved on to my computer desk all cleaned up now . It was one big pile that just kept growing and was about to topple over .
The one thing while I was going through things today was something I learned from my last book if you have a system set up where everything has its place although it might get messy it wont take long to straighten it back up again. This really helped to get this house back in shape after my eye illness. All you ask is where does this go ?? where does this go?? and then put it in the place it belongs.
I also got rid of 1/2 bag of garbage papers, old roses from hubbie and misc. stuff.
I feel soooooo good now.
Tonight I will be having a movie night with my daughter we are watching E.T. which I never knew we owned . I said to my daughter " Ouch" like E.T. did . She looked at me strange. I told her it was from E.T and then asked if she had ever watched it. She said no and I told her we would have to rent it so she could see it. She said but mommy we own it. I said no way and then
she said look in that box. She knew exactly where it was. While I was getting it we exchanged some younger disney movies that were out and replaced them with ones she hasnt seen yet and wants too.
See what you find when you arent looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your eye is almost better. It's amazing that you've done so well with decluttering even while on strong meds. WTB.

I remember watching ET with my kiddos for the first time when they were little. One of the kids is a boy. I bet you can guess which expression (initials pb) was said around the house (with repercussions) for quite a few days. :-)

Melissa said...

HOpe that your eye continues to get better and that you have a fun movie night :)

HDMac said...

I sure am glad to hear that you are almost back to being the BEST! :)

Diane, Thank you for the VERY sweet words on my daughter's birthday post. It made my heart smile! :)